Large Institutions with a leverage ratio exposure measure above 200bn EUR

The list of banks included in these annual sections follows the EBA Guidelines on disclosure of indicators of global systemic importance. These EBA Guidelines not only increase the transparency in the G-SIIs identification process but also achieve a level playing field in terms of disclosure requirements between global systemically important institutions (G-SIIs) and other large institutions with an overall exposure measure of more than EUR 200 billion at the end of each year. Institutions that are close to but below the given measure may occasionally participate. Consequently, all EU institutions, which are potentially systemically relevant, will be subject to the same disclosure requirement as the G-SIIs. 
In turn, the mentioned EBA Guidelines follow closely the Basel Committee recommendations and efforts to identify global systemically important banks (G-SIB) and provides data which contribute to assess EU banks' systemic riskiness.
First reference date available is December 2013 and this exercise will be run on a yearly basis.
Files below constitute the most up-to-date version of the reporting templates and instructions for the upcoming end-2018 exercise (see also for further information on BCBS' process).