FinTech Knowledge Hub

The EBA's FinTech Knowledge Hub brings together competent authorities in a common setting and enhances engagement with incumbent and new entrant institutions and other FinTech firms, technology providers and other relevant parties. Its aim is to enhance the monitoring of financial innovation, knowledge sharing about FinTech and to foster technological neutrality in regulatory and supervisory approaches on an ongoing basis. 
The FinTech Knowledge Hub will build on experience and knowledge of competent authorities and will interact with similar EU and national initiatives (e.g. the European Commission's FinTech Lab), covering the monitoring of the impact of FinTech on the whole financial ecosystem and supervisory knowledge sharing.

Stakeholders who have an interest in the EBA's FinTech work are invited to register their details in the Stakeholder register. Information about related events can be found on the Events page.

Video: Introduction to FinTech in banking

As technology-enabled innovation is evolving at a rapid pace, offering new solutions and aiming to enhance speed, convenience, efficiency and safety, it is also significantly reshaping financial services. The range of financial innovations within the financial services sector has increased substantially to the point that ‘FinTech' has now entered the common lexicon. 
This introductory video explains:
  • What is FinTech and how it affects financial services
  • The main players in the FinTech ecosystem
  • Potential regulatory and supervisory initiatives 
The EBA approach to FinTech can be found here.


Video: Cloud computing

Cloud computing is an important enabling technology leveraged by financial institutions to deliver innovative financial products and services. The EBA monitors, on an ongoing basis, the growing importance of cloud services as a driver of innovation and the increasing interest for the use of cloud outsourcing solutions within the banking industry.

This video expands on three aspects of cloud computing from the supervisory perspective:

  • The main drivers for the use of cloud services in banking
  • Key risks when using the cloud
  • Supervisory expectations from banks using the cloud 

The EBA Recommendations on outsourcing to cloud services providers can be found here.